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Help us raise £4,000 to support 30 students in Kenya

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"They are in dire need"

Supporting Chome & Kiwinda Students

The focus for Sequoia's 30th anniversary is to support 30 students whose families have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of you will have followed our long-term support of Chome Primary and Kiwinda Secondary Schools in Kenya. Over the years we have provided funds which have been used by the local community to improve the facilities for all the pupils attending the schools.

This year we are taking a different approach. In recognition of the way families have been impacted by the economic situation in Kenya, we have decided to directly support 30 students whose families are struggling to pay school fees.

All the students are ex-pupils of Chome Primary school - some are now at Kiwinda as day-students and some have travelled further afield to board at a secondary school. All are from families who have been impacted by redundancy or a businesses that they relied on closing down.

We have already provided half the fees to the schools. In recognition of feedback received after our Christmas message we have, for the first time, launched this appeal to raise further funds, in the hope these families can ensure the education of their child this year.

Any additional funds we raise over and above the target will go towards further infrastructure support - new toilets and a girls dormitory at Kiwida and on-going maintenance of the Chome site.

Any amount you are able to donate is most welcome and will go directly to support these 30 students (please note that there is no gift-aid option as it is not a charity appeal). We will ensure the funds are transferred immediately to the relevant schools.

Thank you for your support.

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