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We firmly believe in investing in people and since 2001 we have supported grassroots education in a village in rural Kenya.

Our support has helped to build a number of classrooms at the local primary and secondary schools as well as improving sanitation facilities and funding the construction of a large water tank to reduce the amount of water that must be retrieved from the village’s sole water supply.

Thres Boys

For many parents, food costs represent a significant proportion of their income so when a lack of rain caused the local price of maize to triple in 2009, many parents could not afford to feed their family. We provided funds to ensure pupils had sufficient nutrition by establishing a temporary school feeding programme during this extreme period.

Thankfully, local food prices have recently reduced from their peak - though with such low incomes, parents remain vulnerable to volatile food prices.

Girls Dancing

Whilst proud of our contribution to date, we are acutely aware that there are 100 other schools in the district that we are unable to support.